I'm Geoff Petrie (that's me in the picture with my two girls), and I spend my time trying to create good stuff.

Read on to find out a little more about me and my interests.



I am a full stack software engineer and technical manager. I enjoy finding creative, sustainable, testable solutions to unique challenges, while advocating for pair programming and code review. Diving into refactoring opportunities is as much of a pleasure as building green-field projects.

I voraciously pursue greater knowledge of this field, and put what I learn into practice. I find joy working with a team where I provide a positive impact and also learn in turn.


WellMatch Logo

Senior Software Engineer


WellMatch is a healthcare transparency tool built for the Aetna health insurance ecosystem.

Developing with Ruby, Rails, Elixir, Rack, RSpec, Minitest, Docker, Redis, and Postgres.

Leading efforts to move the standing application from a monolith Rails application to smaller, more maintainable, service based APIs.

Provided technical leadership for the development and deployment of a WellMatch OAuth service provider.

Working deeply within the WellMatch pair programming culture to provide mentorship.

Leading efforts to reevaluate company culture and provide constructive feedback and direction for improvement.

Establishing a deeper understanding and educating on the health insurance industry’s esoteric “271” electronic data interchange (EDI) model.

PhishMe Logo

Senior Developer


PhishMe is a SaaS education tool to aide in the training of information security threats found in spear phishing attacks.

Developed with Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, MySQL, & traditional markup languages (HTML5, Sass, CSS, etc).

Built test driven code using tools like RSpec and Capybara.

Led efforts from major feature builds to everyday bug hunts. Examples included headed up a user-interface / user-experience refresh. This application-wide project added new functionality, cleaned up design elements and improved the current user experience.

I was a catalyst in bringing improvement to how pair programming and code review was used on a day to day basis.

Exemplify Logo

Lead Developer


Exemplify is a venture backed, transactional law technology startup.

Developed in PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, and traditional web markup languages, under the timeline constraints of an aggressive startup attempting to quickly gain market share.

Built and managed the entire customer facing application while creating APIs to interact with applications developed in C++ and Java.

This was a user-focused, highly secure system that accessed tens of millions of pieces of data using Amazon EC2 Cluster Compute Eight Extra Large instances.

Web Applications Manager

University Libraries, University of New Mexico

Manager of the University Libraries Information/Technology Web Application Team.

Chair of the University Libraries Web Committee from 2008-2011.

Responsible for web application development and support as well as web site development and design. As a project I gathered requirements and assessed the constraints and risks in application builds.

Provided strategic direction and implementation of web application and IT initiatives. Including web-based communication and marketing, social media and video.

Provided development and design to main front-end/customer-facing and administrative-facing web services.

Led the Library in a user centered design initiative and a sweeping review of its information architecture. This ultimately led to a comprehensive development work flow to be implemented Library-wide. This work flow incorporated a robust version/change control environment, code review, development systems, integration/testing servers and production environments.

Manager of Web Development

UNM Advancement Technology, University of New Mexico

  • Management of UNM's Foundation and UNM Alumni Relations web presences and internal web application and communication needs.
  • Provided support and guidance for web campaigns.
  • Developed an internal database driven fund raising goal setting application.
  • Developed, maintained and supported the UNM events calendar system.
  • Provided web designer duties as seen below.

Web Designer

UNM Advancement Technology, University of New Mexico

  • Designer for UNM Foundation and UNM Alumni Relations web presence.
  • Management of Foundation and Alumni broadcast email.
  • Developed and deployed online giving for the UNM Foundation.

Media, Technologies and Nuclear Waste Programs Director

Nuclear Watch of New Mexico

  • Developed and maintained web communications environment.
  • Provided technical leadership to affiliated non-profit organizations throughout the country.
  • Produced, directed, filmed and edited a weekly television program focused on the environmental issues of the moment.
  • Designed, edited and wrote fact sheets, press releases and newsletters.
  • Provided analysis and testimony regarding the US Department of Energy nuclear weapons complex, specializing in the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in Carlsbad, NM.


I find the field of web technologies and software development fascinating. I believe this is an amazing time to be a creator of good things and a user of those things as well. When I'm not spending time with my family, I'm trying to keep current and learning the new stuff. I love to use what I learn and find practical implementations of it for my projects.

I'm drawn to projects where I feel I can make a positive impact and have a strong learning ethos. I get real pleasure out of working with teams that have a great attitude and are open to sharing knowledge with one another.

I'm always trying out fun and interesting things in my spare time, but these are a couple of projects that take up more time than others.

I currently volunteer my time as a technical consultant for Civilian Medical Resources Network, a non-profit dedicated to the mental health support of veterans. I provide devops and development support for their internal intake application. (Not publicly accessible.)

I was the coordinator of OpenHack Albuquerque from April 2013 to November 2015. This was a great group where people of all skill levels and interests could get together and develop and design together.

I'm not too tough to get a hold of. Out of the social networks, you'll find me most often on Twitter as @geopet. If you wish to reach me in a less public manner, feel free to send me an email. You can also keep up with me by reading my writing on the Thoughts of Geoff.